The iconic couple of the series
The iconic couple of the series

What can fans expect from the new The X-Files?

Well for starters, according to TVLine, the FBI duo will be investigating a hairy breed of monster in episode three. The title will be:

The Darin Morgan-penned and -helmed third episode bears the title “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster,” and it centers on a nondescript man by day/scurry-ass beast by night.”

Another episode might follow up on the classic The X-Files episode, “Home” too. This set photo taken by a fan definitely suggest some heavy alien presence in six episode series:

We do know besides the main duo, other returning cast members such as Mitch Peleggi and William B.Davis who will reprise their old roles again. Joe McHale (Ted, Blended) will be slotted in as a guest star. Rumours are swirling around that Robert Patrick, the replacement of David Duchovny as main lead might be back and Annabeth Gish (Sons of Anarchy) might reprise her role again as well. Oh, Fox just unveiled the first official image of the series, showing Chris Carter filming the main duo in a scene:

On the creative side, writers and producers Chris Carter, Glen Morgan and Jim Wong will write and direct with a possible addition of Frank Spotnitz and music composer Mark Snow doing some score. The series will air on 24 January 2016.

The truth is always out there.

via TVLine & TVLine 2

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