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The last Neon Genesis Evangelion finally gets a teaser

After holding fans in suspense for about half a decade, the last film in Neon Genesis Evangelion's revival franchise finally gets a teaser.This teaser...

Shin Godzilla Review

Can Shin Godzilla, Toho Studio's return to the Godzilla franchise after over 10 years measure up to Gareth Edwards 2014 reboot ?

Enter the realm of Shadow: Wayang Kulit Mecha

Based on several popular mecha anime, these passionate artists have produced some stellar work. Check out these awesome puppets!The puppets are based on EVA-01,...
The Evangelion Unit-01 as the smartphone main cover design

Check out these 20th Anniversary “Evangelion” Smartphones

Baka Shinji! will the Evangelion themed smart phone have this phrase as the voice function?

Here are the top Sci-Fi anime you have to watch

Tired of all the slice of life stuff anime is offering. If you want a little bit of "science" , then here are the top Sci-Fi anime you have to watch

Check out the awesome Evangelion themed Shinkansen here

I must not run away....I must not run away....I must not run away...

Want to buy a RM57,600 EVA Unit-01 statue from 7 Eleven?

Too bad it's only available in Japan and there's only 25 units available