Looks like it might be curtains for our favourite gooey cheese tarts, as Pablo outlets have been rumoured to be closing down nationwide.

Pablo Cheesetart, for those not in the know, is an incredibly popular cheese confection brand that hails from Japan which opened up outlets locally, in 2016.

Attracting long queues during its opening, it seems that the brand might not have been able to keep up its stores as their One Utama and IOI City Mall Putrajaya outlets seem to have been shut down. The reason? apparently its because their cheese tarts didn’t quite appeal to Malaysian taste buds due to their subtle flavours, but our guess is as good as yours.

As of now, their Facebook page has been deleted although their main site and their Instagram account for their Malaysian operations are still running, albeit without any new updates since early May.

Sayonara Pablo, it was great while it lasted.