You might get to actually interact with your Pokemon in a future update for Pokemon Go; as there is a system present in the game’s code which allows you to bond with your Pokemon.

The data, which lies deep embedded in Pokemon Go‘s code, was dug out by programming enthusiasts elfinlazz and AeonLucid; who found suggestions of a “buddy system” which could be the game’s next big feature.

The buddy system basically allows players to walk with a single Pokemon, much like how you hatch Pokemon eggs in the various Pokemon games. Walking for a certain distance rewards players with candies; which makes it easier for you to evolve rarer Pokemon given that its harder to find candies in large amounts.

We don’t know if the buddy Pokemon will appear on the map alongside your avatar, but it would be cool if they did!

No idea when (or if) the new system will be implemented soon, so fingers crossed it isn’t a long wait away.