RS-smallWe may not have grown up with it, but one of the best things for electronics enthusiasts might be genuinely done for.

Radio Shack hasn’t been doing well over the last few years, despite rebranding itself, and now the company is planning to sell up to half of it’s over 4,000 retail outlets to other companies. In the US, it looks likely that the franchise will be taken up by Sprint, who has expressed interest in selling it’s wares through Radio Shack in the past.

At the moment, Radio Shack is one of the few places locally that you could walk in and buy Arduino, Raspberry Pi, EL panels and tape and all sorts of electronic bits and bobs you can’t find elsewhere, on top of helpful (and fun) gadgets ranging from microphones to toysto drones.

It’s not known what this bodes for our local Radio Shack stores as they have been in operation for a bit less than three years, considering they are currently populating a niche that is populated by very few stores like Connect but do not carry electrical components. Hopefully someone suitable will take up the mantle, for the sake of electronics enthusiasts everywhere.

via Gizmodo

Image credit Business Insider