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The Gameband Smartwatch will put Pong, Terraria on your wrist

Smartwatches have been around for a bit now, coming in all sorts of shapes, colours and functions. But how often do you see one...

Razer Nabu smartwatches sneakily become locally available

Following an announcement at CES earlier this year, the Razer Nabu watches are finally purchasable in Ringgit from Razer's online store. Razer's new smartwatches are...

Here are the smartwatches of CES 2016

This year CES saw the launch of a whole bevy of new smartwatches, from newcomers to the smartwatch scene like Razer to mainstays like...

The Pebble smartwatch gets round, thinner and lighter

This Pebble smartwatch is lighter, thinner and round. Not surprisingly, it's called the Pebble Time Round

I came all the way to Sydney just for a freaking watch

Our Editor, Nigel Yap went all the way to Sydney to try out the Apple Watch. This is what he thought about it

Apple’s new wearable to come in three flavours

The new wearables will be the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition

LG’s Watch Urbane looks gorgeous

The brand's first ever full-metal luxury smartwatch that would look at home in a Bond flick.

[Review] Samsung Galaxy Gear S: Not quite a phone, more than a watch

If you recall Samsung’s Gear Fit smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear S would easily look like its bigger, classier brother

Now we know when Apple Watch is coming

The companion piece to iPhone, the Apple Watch is sleek and minimalist. However, will it be useful and relevant to consumers?

Here’s a smart bracelet that doubles up as a phone handset

.klatz has come up with an elegant smart bracelet that won't make you look like a dork when answering calls