Youtube screenshot Warcraft VR trailer
Watch where you’re flying!

The new Warcraft movie trailer called Warcraft: The Skies of Azeroth was showcased at San Diego Comic-Con and it gives you 360-degree view of Azeroth’s Stormwind region on the back of a gryphon. Built to be used by movie studio Legendary Pictures’s own virtual reality app called Legendary VR and in partnership with Google’s cheap VR head set, the Google Cardboard, Duncan Jones’s Warcraft movie trailer was debuted along side Guillermo del Toro’s Beware Crimson Peak trailer and last year’s Jaeger Pilot.

Legendary Pictures VP of theatrical strategy Barnaby Legg said that the medium was the best way to give audiences new ways into their properties, similar to their other tie-ins such as graphic novels, and it was a treat to the fans. With that expectation, Legendary Pictures and their partners have already prepared 50,000 copies of the new Google Cardboard Legendary set to be distributed over the course of the week.

During the trailer debut, in an interview with The Verge, Duncan Jones revealed that the movie is almost finished and that he may make a trilogy of Warcraft movies.

Warcraft is set to hit theaters by 16 June 2016.

via GameSpot, The Verge

via The Verge

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