Jimmy Choo Code Geass shoes 1

Many of us in the South East Asian Otaku community are pretty familiar with Danny Choo. The Otaku Blogger and Founder of Mirai Inc. has been a mainstay of the Anime, Comics, and Gaming (ACG) scene in the region.

Many of us also know his father, Malaysian shoe designer/icon Jimmy Choo, whose shoes have graced the feet of royalty and celebrities alike worldwide. Now it seems, the ACG community will have a chance to have their very own Jimmy Choo designed shoes.

The younger Choo unveiled that his father has been designing a blue and red high-heeled shoe that features the bird-like Geass symbol. This recent Tuesday, Danny Choo streamed a video showing Jimmy Choo working on the design of the Code Geass shoes (below).

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And in case you have no idea who Jimmy Choo is, he is the Malaysian shoe designer based in the United Kingdom that is famous for his hand-made heels and pumps. He became prominent years ago when it was revealed that the late Princess Diana wore his shoes and was a patron of his. Over the next few years, the name Jimmy Choo has been synonymous with elegant shoes and quality and has even become a major ready-to-wear line based in London, with stores all over the world.

Jimmy Choo Code Geass Shoe design

So to have such an icon work on something anime inspired is a major thing for the anime/otaku community. Will it go past the design stage though? According to Danny Choo, the shoes will be made, and it will debut pretty soon. It’ll be available only at the Mirai Store Tokyo and an unnamed department store. Hopefully, it’ll also make its way to Malaysia via the Isetan Japan Store, where Danny’s Smart Dolls are also being sold.

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Lelouch Code Geass Smart Doll

On top of the Code Geass designer shoes, Danny Choo also announced sometime last month in celebration of the anime’s 10th anniversary, his company will also be releasing a Lelouch Lamperouge Smart Doll that should come out sometime early this year.

*pictures taken from Danny Choo’s blog