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Scared RIder Xechs

Scared Rider Xechs is getting a TV anime adaptation

Scared Rider Xechs, the otome visual novel game is getting its own TV anime adaptation this summer
Iflix TM collabo

Unifi users now get iflix for free!

Unifi and Streamyx users will now get 1 year free access to iflix come mid-December
Star Wars PS4 TM

Unifi subscribers can now pre-order the Star Wars Battlefront PlayStation 4 bundle (Updated)

(Update) The pre-order page is now live at TM's site. If you're a UNIFI Advance subscriber, you better head over quick and order it now!
Back to the Future 2

TGV is having a Back to the Future marathon

Back to the Future day (21 October 2015) has come and gone and we're pretty sure some fans out there have been pretty disappointed with...

TEDxKL is back for its seventh year running

TEDxKL is back for another year to bring the people of KL together

These three websites came together and what they do next will blow your mind

Six geeks, three leading websites, one mind blowing idea

Leonard Nimoy passes away at 83

We will miss you Mr. Spock.

RWBY animator Monty Oum dies at 33

Monty Oum, known most for his perfectly choreographed fight sequences and animation, has passed at age 33 due to medical complications caused by an allergic reaction earlier today.

LG heats up the audio game with Harmon/Kardon Bluetooth headset

LG partners with Harmon/Kardon for a set of cool Bluetooth Headsets