Google Star Wars

A little while back Google gave us a chance to “Choose Your Side” as part of a Star Wars promo campaign that lets you skin your Google apps with the appropriate Star Wars themes. Now there’s another cool easter egg which will send you down nostalgia lane.

If you haven’t tried it, the themes (which are influenced by your choice to join the Dark or Light side) will change the looks of certain things on your Google Calendar, Chrome, Gmail, Chromecast, Google Maps, Waze, YouTube and Google now to name a few, and can even be enjoyed on your Android Wear devices. Apparently they will be putting out some VR experiences for Google Cardboard too, so we have no doubts just how massive this thing is.

Then they “announced” a cool little easter egg on Twitter. The company has had a tradition of putting up fun little easter eggs from time to time, so this really doesn’t surprise us.

So what is it? we’ll let you find that out for yourself! Head on over to Google and type in “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away,” and sit tight for the coolest search results page you’ll ever see.

Also, we’re running a contest for some Star Wars Pop Vinyls! Head on over to this link to find out more.