Look who's getting into the stylus game
Look who's getting into the stylus game
Look who’s getting into the stylus game

We all know that a smartphone stylus can be pretty useful, especially for the those of us who are artistically inclined. Samsung saw that opportunity and went the whole way with it. Well it looks like LG is finally playing catch as it seems that they will be introducing a variant of the LG G3 that’ll come with a stylus.

Now there’s not really much detail to go on as this supposed stylus enabled G3 as it was only seen at the end of LG’s latest G3 Beat commercial. LG does have a name for it though and its, not surprisingly, called the G3 Stylus. And though details about it are scant, there’s a few things that we managed to gleam off the video about it. Based on the short time we’ve managed to see its back, it looks like the G3 Stylus does not have a laser autofocus and comes with only a single LED flash. This might likely suggest that its camera capabilities might be up to par with its flagship sibling. As for the stylus itself, it looks more capacitative rather than the Wacom based one that the Samsung Galaxy Notes are using. 

Obviously due to the lack of details, we’re not even sure when LG will be announcing this stylus toting G3, but with Samsung making their Galaxy Note 4 announcement this September 3, we’re pretty sure LG, won’t be too far behind


Source: Android Central