There’s a new anime in town and it probably has the most accurately drawn cameras in the history of anime.

The anime in question is called Just Because! which is set to debut later this week in Japan on 5 October, and Canon (the camera brand) was recruited to ensure all the cameras and photography on the show incredibly realistic.

Just Because! follows Ena Komiya, a high school sophomore who’s an avid member of the school’s photography club, which has happened on tough times and is in danger of being disbanded.

In order to save it, Komiya plans to enter her photos in a photography competition.

Komiya’s main camera will be a PowerShot G5X high-end compact, alongside a Canon 7D Mark II, an EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II Lens and an EOS M6 mirrorless camera.

If you want to catch the show but are outside of Japan, you can watch it through Amazon’s Anime Strike service.