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This Lego build is an amazing replica of Destiny’s Scout Rifle

We wish Lego would make builder kits like this one

New LEGO Ninjago sets are now in Malaysia

The new LEGO Ninjago sets are out in Malaysia. It's time to get your Ninja and LEGO itch scratched!

Star Wars Force Friday Malaysia opens to massive crowd

Star Wars Force Friday Malaysia has been launched. Time to head to Toys R Us for your Star Wars toy fix

Monstrous Minifigs are coming in time for Halloween

We're really digging that werewolf

This LEGO exoskeleton lets you be a Jaeger pilot. Almost.

Now if it were only a wee bit bigger.

Here’s the Doctor Who LEGO set you’ve been waiting for

A Doctor Who LEGO set is on it's way!

New Shell Ferrari Lego models coming soon?

With the promotion starting up over at our southern neighbours pump stations, it shouldn't be long till Malaysia gets them either

Brick-a-Pic: Immortalise your selfie into Lego artwork

Put those selfies to good use. Get them Lego-fied!
Batman Lego

‘Dark Knight’ Batmobile gets LEGO treatment

The Dark Knight's Batmobile gets bricked.