The LG UltraWide
The LG UltraWide

At the upcoming CES 2015, we will get our first look at LG’s massive 34-inch curved display aptly named the UltraWide that is specifically attuned to the gamer market. LG claims that it will be “the smoothest and most seamless gaming experience, generating fluid motion without any loss of frame rate.

This monster of a display will feature an aspect ratio of 21:9 with support for AMD’s FreeSync technology. What this means is that it will reduce screen tearing when the system is on. “AMD FreeSync technology is an innovative monitor technology, based on free and open industry standards, to eliminate the tearing and stuttering that has plagued PC gaming for 30 years,” said Roy Taylor, corporate vice president of ISV/IHV Partner Group, AMD. “We are pleased that LG Electronics stands with us with truly exciting AMD FreeSync-ready displays like the LG UltraWide Gaming Monitor.

The multi display showcase
The multi display showcase

The IPS panel able to bear an output of 99 percent sRGB colour test and features a 178 degree viewing angle.

LG also stated that the UltraWide display is suitable for stockbrokers for simple fact that it possesses extra screen real-estate. The stacking factor allows the displays to copy the setup found at most stock exchanges so people can do stock trading in comforts of his/her own home.

Most probably, the South Korea electronic giant will reveal the availability and pricing at Las Vegas soon next week.

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