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DC Comics prints new logo

The updated branding for DC Entertainment's comics line marks its newest logo in 4 years. The company revealed its new comics line logo today and...

Supergirl takes flight in her second season

DC Comic's superpowered Supergirl has been renewed for Season 2, with a network change and a move to Vancouver from L.A. CBS has decided not to...

Vanessa Hudgens and Alan Tudyk head up ‘Powerless’ – The Office with superheroes.

Just because you don't have powers doesn't mean you can't be a hero. Powerless is a new superhero series "The Office" style
DC Comics in Malay

You’ll soon be able to read DC comics in Malay

Ever wondered what your favourite DC Superheroes would look like speaking in Malay? Now you won't have to as we'll soon be getting DC...

A pilot is in the works for a Superman prequel called Krypton

The TV series Krypton will follow the adventures of the Man of Steel's grandfather 200 years in the past
Batman solo movie

Finally, a solo Batman movie for Ben Affleck

Looks like Ben Affleck will be getting his own solo Batman movie, and he might even be directing it too

New Suicide Squad trailer teases Batman and the Joker

A new Suicide Squad trailer is out and this time, the Batman and Joker makes and appearance

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Has director Zack Snyder delivered the Batman/Superman movie everybody wants? In a word, no.

Batman V Superman: Their History of Conflict

Batman and Superman are set to clash on cinema screens, which makes it the perfect time to look back on their comic book battles over the years
Superman vs batman Funko Pop main

Batman vs Superman Funko POPs now available at The Loot Chest

Can't wait for the Batman VS Superman movie? How about getting the Funko POPs?